No Change in Diet

Some people don’t need to change their diets at all to see a notable health change. Adding in some calorie burning cardio and strength building training can have a very noticeable change! This will likely change not only how you feel in your body, but in your mind and soul.  

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 If you’re not one for big lifestyle change all at once, you can definitely make small changes over time to feel better. So if you usually take the bus five days a week to your job a mile and a half away, start walking to work one day a week and home from work one day a week. This minor change and you’re already walking an extra three miles every day.  

 Even something as simple as adding four minutes of stretching first thing each morning can kickstart something in many people. These small changes that get you more active are baby steps on the road towards a thoroughly healthy lifestyle! And unless your goal is to look like Brie Larson or The Rock, you probably don’t need as big of changes as you think.