Manageable Changes in Diet

If your diet really works for you and changing it completely is out of the question, I would still encourage minor changes in diet to have an environmental impact. Something as simple as skipping eggs in favor of greens one morning a week adds up. Replacing butter with extra virgin olive oil can limit your carbon footprint and contribution to factory farming. If you only use milk to cream your coffee, switching to whichever nut-based milk product you prefer can have an impact.  

 I’m trying to say that  if it seems insurmountable to change your life in big ways to better cater to our disappearing Earth, making minor changes over time can have an impact. Don’t listen to that vegan guy who shamed you for putting a tablespoon of whole milk into your Americano the other day, don’t listen to Moby who has the wealth to eat a vegan diet and still have flavors and variety. Just listen to you and your body, make the changes that fit your lifestyle and budget, and trust that even the smallest changes make a difference. That difference may even be in your own health and happiness!  

 What’s there to lose!