Extreme Change in Diet

Do you know that much of climate change is caused by factory and irresponsible farming? The amount of water, energy, and manpower required to keep a factory or irresponsible farm running and producing meat negatively impacts our environment on the whole. If you are able to make some minor changes in your diet, you may contribute slightly less to this cause of climate change. On a smaller scale that makes sense here on Lake Erie, the waste from a farm can make its way into the lakes and pollute the water we all look forward to swimming in all winter!  

 If you can go fully vegan, that’s a great way to remove yourself from the problem. There are so many great vegan options and a growing variety of vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegan options. You certainly don’t need to live on greens just because you’ve removed animal products from your diet.  

 It may make more sense to replace one animal product food each week until you’ve reached a vegan diet. Week 1, maybe replace eggs with soft tofu. Week 2, maybe replace milk with nut milk products. Week 3, maybe replace chicken with cooked tofu. Week 4, incorporate a new nut butter product into your diet. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable with your diet. Even if you don’t fully commit to a vegan diet, every little change in your own diet has a butterfly effect change in the community and world!