Changes in Lawn Care

Maintaining a lawn can also mean contributing to the waterways so it’s important to take the responsibility seriously and be a responsible Earthling. We are lucky to have some very adapt farmers and gardeners working in our city to help you maximize your lawn – whether this means you grow microgreens or keep bees, they help to keep our city beautiful.

Of course, not everyone can or wants to give up their lawn to be maintained by another. In these cases, you may just want to make some minor changes to your lawn-care routine. Rather than always resorting to a weedwacker, electric till, lawnmower, or leaf-blower, try to do as much manually as you can. Your garden is creating energy – it shouldn’t be matching that in the energy you spend on her. Make sure that any fertilizers or pesticides you use are natural rather than chemical. You may spend a little more and see less extreme results, but it’s a more natural process and doesn’t endanger our food our environment.

Keeping animals alongside a garden can help eliminate the need for as much energy-consumption. You can have your own little circle of life right in your own yard – goats, chickens, eggs, bees, herbs – these are all great options for those of you with large yards and some free time.

So whether you change your whole life to maintain your lawn, maintain a small part-time lawn, or change nothing more than your fertilizer – small changes matter!