No Change in Diet

Some people don’t need to change their diets at all to see a notable health change. Adding in some calorie burning cardio and strength building training can have a very noticeable change! This will likely change not only how you feel in your body, but in your mind and soul.  

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 If you’re not one for big lifestyle change all at once, you can definitely make small changes over time to feel better. So if you usually take the bus five days a week to your job a mile and a half away, start walking to work one day a week and home from work one day a week. This minor change and you’re already walking an extra three miles every day.  

 Even something as simple as adding four minutes of stretching first thing each morning can kickstart something in many people. These small changes that get you more active are baby steps on the road towards a thoroughly healthy lifestyle! And unless your goal is to look like Brie Larson or The Rock, you probably don’t need as big of changes as you think.  

Manageable Changes in Diet

If your diet really works for you and changing it completely is out of the question, I would still encourage minor changes in diet to have an environmental impact. Something as simple as skipping eggs in favor of greens one morning a week adds up. Replacing butter with extra virgin olive oil can limit your carbon footprint and contribution to factory farming. If you only use milk to cream your coffee, switching to whichever nut-based milk product you prefer can have an impact.  

 I’m trying to say that  if it seems insurmountable to change your life in big ways to better cater to our disappearing Earth, making minor changes over time can have an impact. Don’t listen to that vegan guy who shamed you for putting a tablespoon of whole milk into your Americano the other day, don’t listen to Moby who has the wealth to eat a vegan diet and still have flavors and variety. Just listen to you and your body, make the changes that fit your lifestyle and budget, and trust that even the smallest changes make a difference. That difference may even be in your own health and happiness!  

 What’s there to lose!  

Extreme Change in Diet

Do you know that much of climate change is caused by factory and irresponsible farming? The amount of water, energy, and manpower required to keep a factory or irresponsible farm running and producing meat negatively impacts our environment on the whole. If you are able to make some minor changes in your diet, you may contribute slightly less to this cause of climate change. On a smaller scale that makes sense here on Lake Erie, the waste from a farm can make its way into the lakes and pollute the water we all look forward to swimming in all winter!  

 If you can go fully vegan, that’s a great way to remove yourself from the problem. There are so many great vegan options and a growing variety of vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegan options. You certainly don’t need to live on greens just because you’ve removed animal products from your diet.  

 It may make more sense to replace one animal product food each week until you’ve reached a vegan diet. Week 1, maybe replace eggs with soft tofu. Week 2, maybe replace milk with nut milk products. Week 3, maybe replace chicken with cooked tofu. Week 4, incorporate a new nut butter product into your diet. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable with your diet. Even if you don’t fully commit to a vegan diet, every little change in your own diet has a butterfly effect change in the community and world!  

Changes in Entertainment

Of course, trying to live a green responsible life in the same town as a 364-acre amusement and water park can sometimes feel pretty futile. That is one reason we were compelled to start this foundation – Lake Erie has been problematic in its pollution levels since the 1960s – before factory waste dumping was as regulated – and we’ve worked so hard to keep the lake as clean as we can.


We were a group of residents who saw potential in this beautiful lake – we remembered the days when it glimmered – when we’d jump in off a rope swing – when parties were floatillas.


But we decided… there would always be people who live here who survive and love their city. That will not die when the park does. So it’s our responsibility to keep things as nice as we can to have a better starting point later.

Changes in Lawn Care

Maintaining a lawn can also mean contributing to the waterways so it’s important to take the responsibility seriously and be a responsible Earthling. We are lucky to have some very adapt farmers and gardeners working in our city to help you maximize your lawn – whether this means you grow microgreens or keep bees, they help to keep our city beautiful.

Of course, not everyone can or wants to give up their lawn to be maintained by another. In these cases, you may just want to make some minor changes to your lawn-care routine. Rather than always resorting to a weedwacker, electric till, lawnmower, or leaf-blower, try to do as much manually as you can. Your garden is creating energy – it shouldn’t be matching that in the energy you spend on her. Make sure that any fertilizers or pesticides you use are natural rather than chemical. You may spend a little more and see less extreme results, but it’s a more natural process and doesn’t endanger our food our environment.

Keeping animals alongside a garden can help eliminate the need for as much energy-consumption. You can have your own little circle of life right in your own yard – goats, chickens, eggs, bees, herbs – these are all great options for those of you with large yards and some free time.

So whether you change your whole life to maintain your lawn, maintain a small part-time lawn, or change nothing more than your fertilizer – small changes matter!

Changes in Self Care

It’s scary to think about the number of chemicals and perfumes and preservatives are in some of the body and self-care products we use on a regular basis. But it’s pretty simple to find products that won’t pollute the lake if you know what to avoid.



Many self-care products contain exfoliating microbeads meant to slough off dead skin cells without damaging the skin. Exfoliating is a great way to reveal younger-looking glowy skin! But in many of these products, tiny pieces of plastic are the actual exfoliant – which pollute our waterways and poison the ecosystem within. So review your ingredients list for words like “microbeads” or micro-abrasives” and make sure your labeling describes what the exfoliant is: this is often walnut shells, salt or coffee grounds.


This is a simple change you can make in your home to keep Lake Erie clean and getting cleaner for all of your friends and neighbors who want to use the beaches as much as you do!

Changes in Home Care

It’s pretty obvious but oft-overlooked: the products we use in our homes and on our bodies eventually find their ways into the great lakes. Using natural and organic cleaning products at home can decrease the amount of chemical waste your household is contributing to Lake Erie. Chemicals and cleaning products can be dangerous for the lake habitat and wildlife and can spoil the integrity of the lake for swimming and fishing.

Now there’s clearly no way that a single home switching to natural and organic cleaning products can undo all that pollution caused by heavy industry in Cleveland and factory pollutants flowing in from rivers and waterways – but as we work on a large scale to address and rectify these problems, small changes on a local level can develop into big city initiatives.